Nature of the entities

Tip 1

Verify that the entity is authorized and the Company has not been subject to warning by the CNMV or other supervisors. In case of doubt, consult us.

Tip 2

Remember that fly-by-night operators are dangerous and try to deceive you. If you have any suspicions, ask. Adopt an active attitude. Ask questions about the service and investment features that you are being proposed. Obtain written information.

Investors’ attraction techniques

Tip 3

Be wary of the following alarm signals and frequent techniques:

  • Unexpected calls or emails.
  • Urgency of investment.
  • Personal affinity.
  • Entry bonuses.
  • Pyramid schemes in which you are asked to capture clients.
  • Psychological pressure to force an immediate decision.
  • Mention or use of the CNMV logo. Remember that the CNMV would never urge you to make an investment.

Tip 4

Watch out for the Internet and social networks fraud. Do not be fooled by the sophistication of some web pages. Stay alert to unsolicited offers through your social network profiles. Do not be fooled by the affinity of your social "followers."

Marketed products

Tip 5

Be wary of high returns without risk. Be aware of complex products. Do not invest in what you do not understand.

Tip 6

Pay attention to commissions and expenses.

Tip 7

Make sure that the products offered to you exist and contrast the information they give you about the price of the securities they want to sell.

Investor profile and education

Tip 8

We are all exposed to fraud. Be careful if you are not asked for information: authorized financial intermediaries who offer you a product should assess your suitability (experience and knowledge) and/or eligibility (experience and knowledge, financial situation and investment objectives) through a profile or questionnaire.

If you cannot get your money back

Tip 9

If you cannot get your money back, do not continue making contributions.


Tip 10

Report to the CNMV any suspected fraud incident and report what happened to the Police, Civil Guard or the corresponding Court.