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About RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a system that informs about a website’s news without having to enter it.

How does it work?

The user of this technology receives a file containing the title of the information, a short description and a link to a page with the detailed information.

What is needed?

Firstly, the user will need a tool called “RSS viewer" or "RSS aggregator", responsible for reviewing whether the web pages to which the user is subscribed have updated their content.

There are several types:

  • Offline viewers. These are programs, some of them for free, that are installed on your computer, such as Feedreader, RSS Reader, Sharp Reader, Feed Demon or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Online viewers. In this case, you must register for free services available on the Internet: Bloglines, Google...
  • Viewers incorporated to the Internet browser. You must click on the link to the RSS feed that is already set with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari, etc.

Once the viewer program is chosen and operative, you must subscribe to the RSS services. To do so, you usually have to copy the link to the section of the web page you want to receive in the viewer program.