The CNMV´s Official Registers contain extensive itemised economic and financial information about securities issuers, listed companies, broker-dealers and brokers, collective investment institutions and venture capital firms.

Inclusion of a document in the CNMV´s Official Registers only entails acknowledgement by the CNMV that it contains all the information required under the rules governing its content but in no event establishes liability on the part of the National Securities Market Commission for any misrepresentations contained therein.

The CNMV´s Official Registers are public and their contents may be accessed without restrictions. THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE CNMV´S OFFICIAL REGISTERS REFERS TO:

For access to the content of the official registers that is not available directly on this website, contact the CNMV general register.

The contents of the Official Registers may be accessed via this website and also via the publications of the Official Registers.

Copies of documentation contained in the CNMV´s Official Registers may be obtained at a cost of 0.09 euro per page (plus shipping expenses, if any).