The schedule for the Spanish National Securities Market Commission’s publications for 2023 is as follows:

Schedule for 2023
Publication Date
CNMV Bulletin Semester I: 28 April 2023
Semester II: 27 October 2023
Non-banking financial intermediation monitor 29 November 2023
Financial Stability Note Semester I: 3 February 2023
Semester II: 25 July 2023
CNMV annual report on the securities markets and their activity 30 June 2023
CNMV Plan of Activities 23 February 2023
Report on Complaints and Enquires received by the CNMV 29 September 2023
Corporate Governance of Entities with Securities Admitted to Trading on Regulated Markets 18 September 2023
Annual Report on Remuneration of Directors 18 September 2023
Report on the CNMV´s review of the annual financial reports 28 February 2023
Report on the oversight of non-financial statements 28 February 2023