We encourage you to use the CNMV’s Virtual Office (Sede Electrónica) to fill in and submit the corresponding standard notification form. You can access the CNMV’s Virtual Office through the link in the “Standard Form to fill in” box below.

To access CNMV’s Virtual Office you have to use a valid digital certificate, whether the certificate to access Cifradoc, one that is issued by the FNMT (The Spanish Mint and Stamp Factory) or your electronic DNI (Spanish National Identification Document). Those persons who do not have the possibility to obtain a valid digital certificate (mainly foreign persons who are under-the obligation to notify) will also be able to access CNMV’s Virtual Office by using the username and password provided by CNMV.

Standard forms of notification
Type Standard form to fill in Standard form
Standard Form 1 - Notification form for major holdings. formulario para cumplimentar modelo 1 modelo i inglés
Standard Form 2 - Notification of transactions in own shares. formulario para cumplimentar modelo 4 modelo iv  inglés
Standard Form 3 - Application for exemption from notification of major holdings to market makers. formulario para cumplimentar modelo 5 modelo v inglés
NOD - Notification of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely related to them. formulario para cumplimentar instrucciones nod modelo iii  inglés

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