In this section you can get access to notifications on shares and financial instruments sent by persons discharging managerial responsibilities (other than directors) and their related parties as well as those notifications from related parties to the directors of the issuer in compliance with the obligations arising from Royal Decree 1333/2005, of November 11th, Royal Decree 1362/2007, of October 19th, and Circular 8/2015, of December 22nd.

Total number of voting rights (including attributed additional voting rights due to loyalty shares): 969,613,801

Of which:

   - attributable to shares: 969,613,801

   - additional granted due to loyalty shares: 0

Date of last modification of the total number of voting rights: 10/08/2020

Date of publication on the website CNMV: 09/09/2020

Notifications on shares and financial instruments
Identity of the Manager/DirectorPosition (Manager /Director)Date of the last notificationPrevious notifications
ALVAREZ FERNANDEZ, CARLOS JAVIER Directivo 15/03/2018 See previous notifications2018032583
ARMENTER VIDAL, MARCELINO Consejero 15/11/2016
AYUSO SALINAS, CARLOS Directivo 20/03/2018 See previous notifications2018034185
BASOLAS TENA, ANTONIO Directivo 24/02/2014 See previous notifications2014024800
CAÑELLAS VILALTA, FELIPE Directivo 13/09/2010 See previous notifications2010118528
COUSO LOPEZ, JOSE ANTONIO Directivo 26/07/2012 See previous notifications2012110949
EGEA KRAUEL, JOSE MARIA Directivo 20/03/2018 See previous notifications2018034125
FAINE CASAS, ISIDRO Directivo 15/11/2016
FERNANDEZ ALVAREZ, MANUEL Directivo 20/03/2018 See previous notifications2018034144
FERNANDEZ MARTINEZ, JOSE JAVIER Directivo 21/02/2014 See previous notifications2014024787
GABARRO SERRA, SALVADOR Consejero 17/05/2016
GALLART GABAS, ANTONIO Directivo 21/02/2014 See previous notifications2014024804
GARCIA COBALEDA, MANUEL Directivo 27/03/2018 See previous notifications2018036565
GARCIA TABERNERO, JORDI Directivo 20/03/2018 See previous notifications2018034165
GARMENDIA MENDIZABAL, CRISTINA Directivo 12/03/2018 See previous notifications2018030965
LOPEZ JORDA, DANIEL Directivo 20/03/2018 See previous notifications2018034173
PERIS MINGOT, ANTONI Directivo 22/05/2017 See previous notifications2017064256
SANZ GARCIA, ROSA MARIA Directivo 20/03/2018 See previous notifications2018034156

For notifications after 1st of May of 2018, consult the notifications by senior managers and related parties.