Each country´s National Numbering Agency is entrusted with allocating ISINs to each issue of securities in the geographical territory that is under its responsibility. The need for cooperation between the various agencies to ensure that each ISIN is unique and that all ISINs are available to users led to the creation of the Association of National Numbering Agencies: ANNA.

The association was founded by 22 countries, including Spain, and it held its first general assembly in London in February 1992. At the end of 2023, ANNA had 100 full member countries and 20 "partners", which have limited rights within the association.


  • Implementing and maintaining the ISO standards under ANNA´s responsibility, assisting its members and actors in the financial sector of countries that do not yet have a national numbering agency.
  • Providing users with the ISIN and CFI assigned in accordance with the ISO 6166 and ISO 10962 standards, respectively.
  • Disseminating the codes through the national numbering agencies and the ASB (ANNA Service Bureau).
  • Drafting, maintaining and publishing criteria and standards for securities numbering in connection with the allocation of ISIN and CFI.
  • Promoting participation by, and cooperation between, national numbering agencies.