Monthly information on the activity of broker-dealers, brokers and portfolio management companies, with aggregate balance sheet and income statement data. Information is grouped by type of firm and has been published since 1991, in which time it has been subject to a series of regulatory changes, notably the latest accounting change introduced by Circular 7/2008 of December 2008.

The quarterly version fills this out with other information, also presented on an aggregate basis, like the number of firms, employees, branches and representatives; a summary of capital adequacy ratios and ROE by type of firm; and information on the size of managed and advised portfolios, and on their securities trading activity.

In 2009, the investment services sector was joined by a new kind of provider, the investment advisory firm (IAF), authorised for the first time in Spain following the transposition of the MiFID. Key IAF data are presented in aggregate form on a half-yearly basis.

Two annexes are appended with individual data on broker-dealer and brokers’ shares of stock market trading, and the main balance sheet and income statement data of investment firms (except IAFs).

From April 2014 on certain changes have been introduced: the distinction between stockmarkets members and non-members is no more considered, chapters 2 and 3 have disappeared and chapter 5 has included some modifications.


Statistics changes 2014            

Accounting changes of December 2008