The CNMV incorporates public consultation documents in its website, with the aim of gathering opinions on the content and the scope of future regulatory projects. With this, the maximum transparency and a wide consent with the sector is sought in the process of the elaboration of securities market regulations. Therefore, we encourage all interested parties to send us comments on the incorporated documents.

This policy contains the guidelines to be followed by the CNMV for public participation in drafting legislation

All comments will be studied very carefully and taken into consideration during the process of elaboration of new regulations. It should be made clear that the purpose of this initiative is not related to solving specific questions on the regulation in course, but rather to open the possibility of including the observations suggested by a wide spectrum of market participants.

Comments can be forwarded by electronic mail to the addresses indicated or by ordinary mail to C / Edison nº 4 - 28006 Madrid.

If electronic mail is used, we request that the following are included when submitting comments:

  1. Indicate in the matter, the title of the public consultation document to what you/they refer to in your/their observations.
  2. Include in the message the name and entity (where applicable) of the sender.
  3. If any documents are included, they must be in the following formats: .doc; .docx; .or txt
Format Extension
ASCII .txt
Word .doc
HTML .htm
PDF .pdf
RichText Format .rtf