If you believe that a company or a natural person has committed or is committing any type of infringement in the field of securities markets, and you wish to report it confidentially, please contact us.


900 373 362

Writing to: Communication of infringements - Investors Department - CNMV. Edison 4, 28006 Madrid / Passeig de Gràcia 19, 08007 Barcelona.

You can freely decide if you want to reveal your identity or not.

We also offer you this form where you will be able to present anonymously your communication and request, if you wish, a contact line with the CNMV. If you have already requested this contact line you will be able to access to our response through this access to the communication channel.

The receipt of written communications received (unless contact data is not provided) will be confirmed, although we anticipate that actions which may be developed by the CNMV are under the secrecy of article 248.1. of the Securities Markets Law.

Only in the case of initiating a sanctioning procedure from the facts reported, you will be informed of it.

Identity protection measures

We assure you that we will treat with confidentiality the identities of both thw whistleblower and the natural or legal person reported.

Upon deciding to submit a communication about a possible infringement through the channels made available for this purpose, you can decide if you want to preserve your anonymity or reveal your identity. If you decide to remain anonymous, you can submit your complaint through:

Electronic format: please be aware that a specific electronic system for reporting infringements has been established. With this system it is not technically possible to trace the communications made. You are advised to access the Infringements Communication website from a device not linked to your workplace and free of viruses. You are also advised to access the website using an anonymous browsing software and, if you attach documents to the website form, you must ensure that they do not contain metadata (properties with information about the author, company, etc.). It is also possible to configure a protected mailbox to allow you to maintain correspondence with CNMV.

By post or by telephone. In these cases please be informed that you must make sure that no data revealing your identity is displayed on your telephone screen, such as, for example, your name, address or telephone number. Otherwise, your anonymity will not be guaranteed.

In any case, CNMV will comply with the current regulations on personal data protection, specifically Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection and other applicable legislation.

Protection at professional and contractual level

Communication of a possible infringement on market abuse issues:

It will not constitute a breach or infringement of the restrictionson information disclosure imposed by contract or by any legal, regulatory or administrative provision that may affect the whistleblower, the persons closely related to him or her, any companies he or she manages or of which he or she is the beneficial owner.

It will not constitute an infringement of any kind by the whistleblower under labour regulations, nor will it give rise to unfair or discriminatory treatment from the employer.