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IOSCO seeks feedback on market liquidity issues affecting corporate bond markets under stress 30/06/2022
IOSCO Consultation Report on Exchange Traded Funds - Good Practices for Consideration 06/07/2022
IOSCO Consultation Paper on recent retail investor trends and related conduct implications 23/05/2022
Consultation report on elements of international regulatory standards on fees and expenses of investment funds. 23/09/2015
Consultation report on sound practices at large intermediaries: alternatives to the use of credit ratings to assess creditworthiness. 08/07/2015
Consultation report: Market intermediary business continuity and recovery planning. 06/06/2015
Consultation report: Mechanisms for Trading Venues for effectively manage electronic trading risks and plans for business continuity. 06/06/2015
Financial Stability Board (FSB) e IOSCO 2º consultative document on proposed assessment methodologies for identifying Non-Bank Non-Insurer Global Sistemically Important Financial Institutions. 29/05/2015
First questionnaire adressed to the public on other Credir Rating Agencies products. 23/03/2015
Consultation report: cross-border regulation. 23/02/2015
BCBS and IOSCO consultative document on criteria for identifying simple, transparent and comparable securitisations. 13/02/2015
Consultation report: Post-trade transparency in the Credit Default Swaps (CDSs) market. 15/02/2015
Consultation paper on principles regarding the custody of collective investment schemes´ assets. 10/12/2014
Consultation report: Risk mitigation standards for non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives. 17/10/2014
Consultation paper on proposed statement on Non-GAAP financial measures. 05/12/2014
IOSCO public survey on its 2015-2020 strategic plan. 27/06/2014
Consultation report: good practices on reducing reliance on CRAs in asset management. 05/09/2014
Consultation report: strategic framework for investor education and financial literacy. 31/07/2014
Consultation report: Code of Conduct Fundamentals for Credit Rating Agencies. 28/03/2014
CPSS-IOSCO consultative report on assessment methodology for the oversight expectations applicable to critical services. 20/02/2014
FSB-IOSCO consultative document on assessment methodologies for identifying non-bank non-insurer global Sistemically Important Financial Institutions. 07/04/2014
CPSS-IOSCO consultative report on public quantitative standards for Central Counterparties (CCPs). 13/12/2013
CPSS-IOSCO consultative report on recovery of financial market infrastructures. 11/10/2013
Consultation report on Regulation of Retail Structured Products. 13/06/2013
Consultation report on principles for financial benchmarks. 16/05/2013
Consultation report on regulatory issues raised by changes in market structure. 10/05/2013
CPSS-IOSCO consultative document on Authorities´ access to Trade Repository data. 10/05/2013
IOSCO consultation report on recommendations regarding the protection of client assets. 25/03/2013
Joint Forum consultative document on mortgage insurance: market structure, underwriting cycle and policy implications. 30/04/2013
BCBS and IOSCO second consultative document on margin requirements for non-centrally-cleared derivatives. 15/03/2013
Consultation report on financial benchmarks. 11/02/2013
Consultation report on Supervisory Colleges for Credit Rating Agencies. 15/02/2013
Consultation report on technological challenges to effective market surveillance-issues and regulatory tools. 10/10/2012
Public consultation from CPSS-IOSCO: Recovery and resolution of financial market infrastructures. 28/09/2012
Consultation report on margin requirements for non-centrally-cleared derivatives. 28/09/2012
Consultation report on global developments in securitization regulation. 06/08/2012
Consultation report: Credit Rating Agencies internal controls designed to ensure the integrity of the credit rating process and procedures to manage conflicts of interest. 09/07/2012
Consultation report on Principles of liquidity risk management for Collective Investment Schemes. 02/08/2012
Consultation report: Money Market Fund systemic risk analysis and reform options. 29/06/2012
Consultation report on suitability requirements for complex financial productos. 21/05/2012
Consultative report: Assessment methodology for the principles for FMIs and the responsibilities of authorities. 15/06/2012
Consultation report: Disclosure framework for Financial Markets Infrastructure. 15/06/2012
Consultation report on Principles for on going disclosure for Asset Backed Securities (ABSs). 20/04/2012
Consultation report on Principles for the valuation of Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). 18/05/2012
Public consultation on the governance of the Monitoring Group, the PIOB and the standard-setting boards and Compliance Advisory Panel operating under the auspices of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and PIOB work program 2012 and beyond. 28/06/2012
Consultation report on Principles for the regulation of Exchange Traded Funds. 27/06/2012
Consultation report on functioning and oversight of Oil Price Reporting Agencies. 30/03/2012
Joint Forum consultative paper: Principles for the supervision of financial conglomerates. 16/03/2012
Consultation report: Regulatory issues raised by the impact of the technological changes on market integrity and efficiency. 12/08/2011
Consultation report: principles for financial market infrastructures. 29/07/2011
Consultation report: Principles on suspension of redemptions in Collective Investment Schemes. 30/05/2011
Consultation report: issues raised by dark liquidity. 28/01/2011
Consultation report on intermediary internal controls associated with the price verification of structured finance products and regulatory approaches to liquidity risk management. 29/10/2010
Consultation report on Regulatory Implementation of the Statement of Principles Regarding the Activities of Credit Rating Agencies. 06/08/2010
Consultation report on Transparency of Firms that Audit Public Companies. 15/01/2010
Consultation report on Auditor Communications 15/01/2010
Consultation Report on Private Equity Conflicts of Interest 01/02/2010
Consultation report on exploration of Non-Professional Ownership Structures for Audit Firms 15/01/2010
Consulta pública de IOSCO sobre transparencia de productos financieros estructurados. (Consultation report on transparency of structured finance products) 13/11/2009
Consulta pública sobre los Principios de información pública periódica de las Entidades cotizadas. (Consultation paper on Principles for Periodic Disclosure by Listed Entities) 31/08/2009
Consulta pública de IOSCO sobre los principios de desgloses de información en las ofertas públicas y admisiones de valores titulizados. (Consultation paper on Disclosure Principles for Public Offerings and Listing of Asset-Backed Securities) 10/08/2009
Consulta pública sobre las recomendaciones provisionales de IOSCO acerca de mercados y productos financieros no regulados. (Consultation report on unregulated financial markets and products) 15/06/2009
Consulta pública sobre Políticas de Acceso Electrónico Directo a los Mercados. (Consultation paper on policies on Direct Electronic Access) 20/05/2009
Consulta pública sobre los Principios sobre externalización de servicios por los Mercados. (Consultation paper on principles on Outsourcing by Markets) 20/05/2009
Consulta pública sobre la regulación de las venta en corto. (Consultation report on regulation of short selling) 04/05/2009
Consulta pública sobre supervisión de hedge funds. (Consultation report on hedge funds oversight) 30/04/2009
Documento a consulta de IOSCO sobre sobre estándares regulatorios para Fondos de Fondos de Inversión Alternativa "Hedge Funds". (Consultation paper on regulatory standards for Funds of Hedge Funds) 30/01/2009