The FISN code (Financial Instrument Short Name) or financial instrument short name is developed in the international standard ISO 18774.

The ISO 18774 standard has been developed to provide a uniform and standardized description of a financial instrument’s main features. For this purpose, the standard proposes rules to build the short name of financial instruments in terms of length, structure and content, incorporating the issuer’s short name and the description of the financial instrument.

The FISN is assigned simultaneously to instruments when they are assigned an ISIN code. In addition, the CFI code is also assigned to them.

The maximum length of a financial instrument’s short name is 35 alphanumeric characters with the following structure:

Issuer short name/description of financial instrument features

  • the issuer short name with a máximum length of 151 alphanumeric characters.
  • the carácter / as a separator between the issuer`s short name and the financial instrument`s description.
  • the description of the financial instrument with a máximum of 19 characters with the characteristics of instrument2.

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(1) There are exceptions to the maximum length of the sender’s short name.

(2) Extensible if the number of positions of the sender’s short name does notuse 15 characters.