Financial technology, or Fintech as it is widely known, marks an improvement opportunity for financial markets. Its application supports business models that are closer to the end investor while boosting the efficiency and competitiveness of financial markets.

The CNMV wishes to promote Fintech initiatives in Spain and has accordingly launched this forum with two aims in mind:

  • Assist promoters and financial corporations with aspects of securities market rules and regulations that have a bearing on their projects.
  • Create an informal space for exchanging information with promoters and financial entities on their initiatives in this domain.

These initiatives may require CNMV authorization prior to startup. If you believe your company engages in some Fintech activity of securities market relevance, you can contact the CNMV to:

  • Enquire about aspects of securities market legislation affecting your business.
  • Put forward suggestions or provide us with information on your projects.

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CNMV has prepared a Q&As document aimed at FinTech companies that contains the main criteria which have been transmitted through the Fintech Portal since its launch. The objective of this document is to guide, clarify doubts and facilitate new activities.

Criteria in relation to ICOs

Statistical data