This report reviews the trends in the securities markets during the reporting year, the changes in the regulatory framework and the measures taken by the CNMV in exercising its powers.

The report is prepared and published in compliance with Article 13 of the Spanish Securities Market Act (Ley del Mercado de Valores), which stipulates that: “Each year, the Spanish National Securities Market Commission shall submit a report on its activities and on the situation of the organised financial markets to the Parliamentary Committee on Economics, Trade and Finance. The Chairman of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission shall appear before the aforementioned Parliamentary Committee to respond to questions on the report as often as the Parliament may so require". A transcript of the appearances of the CNMV's Chairman before the Parliamentary Committee are available in pdf format on the “Presentación” section.

CNMV annual report on the securities markets and their activity
Year Resumen del informe anual Summary of the Annual Report Informe anual Annual report Breakdown of the annual report
2018 Document 2018 Document Document 2018 Document  Itemised annual report (2018)
CNMV annual historical information on securities markets and its actions
Year Documento Document Presentation Memoria anual Notes to the annual report
2017 Document 2017 Document
2016 Document 2016 Document
2015 Document 2015 Document
2014 Document 2014 Document
2013 Document 2013 Document
2012 Document 2012 Document
2011 Document 2011 Document Document 2011
2010 Document 2010 Document Document 2010
2009 Document 2009 Document Document 2009
2008 Document 2008 Document Document 2008
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