Empresas de Servicios de Inversión del Espacio Económico Europeo con Sucursal
Nº Registro OficialFecha registro oficial
36 08/10/2007
Spanish Royal Decree 1464/2018, of 21 December*, has deleted as of 17 April 2019, the obligation of companies and firms providing investment services to draw up a prospectus for rates.

The prospectuses on rates contained in this Register are the latest submitted by each firm in compliance with the former regulations (Order EHA/1665/2010 and Circulars 7/2011 and 3/2016).

Date of entry into forceFee
25/03/2019 A pdf will open (new window)
* Spanish Royal Decree 1464/2018, of 21 December, implementing the recast text of the Spanish Securities Market Act, approved by Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of 23 October, and Spanish Royal Decree-Law 21/2017, of 29 December, on urgent measures for the adaptation of Spanish law to European Union regulations on the securities market, and partially amending Spanish Royal Decree 217/2008, of 15 February, on the legal regime for investment firms and other entities providing investment services, as well as partially amending the Regulation of Spanish Law 35/2003, of 4 November, on Collective Investment Schemes, approved by Spanish Royal Decree 1309/2005, of 4 November, and other royal decrees on the securities market. (Spanish Official State Gazette (BOE) of 28 December).>>