In this section you can get access to notifications on shares and financial instruments sent by persons discharging managerial responsibilities (other than directors) and their related parties as well as those notifications from related parties to the directors of the issuer in compliance with the obligations arising from Royal Decree 1333/2005, of November 11th, Royal Decree 1362/2007, of October 19th, and Circular 8/2015, of December 22nd.

Vote rights number: 598,679,362

Registration date in the Commercial Register:19/07/2019

Date of publication on the website cnmv24/07/2019

Notifications on shares and financial instruments
Identity of the Manager/DirectorPosition (Manager /Director)Date of the last notificationPrevious notifications
ABOS PUEYO, FERNANDO Directivo 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018047899
BANDRES GUTIERREZ, MIGUEL ANGEL Directivo 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018047931
BLANCO JUAREZ, PABLO Directivo 08/03/2012 See previous notifications2012034414
BLANCO ORTIZ, FABIAN Directivo 20/04/2012 See previous notifications2012049557
COROMINAS , ALEJANDRO Directivo 08/03/2012 See previous notifications2012034393
DE MORA NARVAEZ, JUAN Directivo 04/03/2013 See previous notifications2013032190
DIAZ , JUAN PABLO Directivo 20/04/2012 See previous notifications2012049553
FERNANDEZ BARBE, SAGRARIO Directivo 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018047853
HIGUERO ROBLES, GONZAGA Directivo 05/03/2015 See previous notifications2015028918
LASANTA LURI, JOSE ANTONIO Directivo 11/04/2016 See previous notifications2016038047
OÑORO MEDRANO, JORGE Directivo 25/03/2014 See previous notifications2014036628
ORO PRADERA, LUIS JAVIER Directivo 16/06/2014 See previous notifications2014077781
PALAO TIRADO, YAGO Directivo 30/03/2012 See previous notifications2012042312
POVEDA GIL, FRANCISCO JAVIER Directivo Esta notificación anula otras anteriores 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018048028
RON ALPAÑES, JAIME Directivo 24/04/2018
ROS MONTERO, RAFAEL Directivo 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018047963
RUBIO MERINO, ANTONIO Directivo 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018047940
RUIZ SAN JUAN, GUILLERMO Directivo 13/05/2016 See previous notifications2016062708
TABERNERO DA VEIGA, JAVIER Directivo 24/04/2018 See previous notifications2018047912
ZULUETA GALILEA, RODRIGO Directivo 31/08/2011 See previous notifications2011115704

For notifications after 1st of May of 2018, consult the notifications by senior managers and related parties.