All security types

TDA 28, F.T.A.
ISINFISNNumber of securities / Issue amountIssue dateMaturity dateNominal / MTV / PriceCurrencyInterest rateCFI 2015
ES0377930005 TDA.28/VAR BTH 20501028 A GTIA 414,000,000.0023/07/200728/10/2050100,000.00EUR DGVSBB
ES0377930013 TDA.28/VAR BTH 20501028 B GTIA 11,700,000.0023/07/200728/10/2050100,000.00EUR DGVSBB
ES0377930021 TDA.28/VAR BTH 20501028 C GTIA 9,000,000.0023/07/200728/10/2050100,000.00EUR DGVSBB
ES0377930039 TDA.28/VAR BTH 20501028 D GTIA 7,200,000.0023/07/200728/10/2050100,000.00EUR DGVSBB
ES0377930047 TDA.28/VAR BTH 20501028 E GTIA 8,100,000.0023/07/200728/10/2050100,000.00EUR DGVSBB
ES0377930054 TDA.28/VAR BTH 20501028 F GTIA 1,350,000.0023/07/200728/10/205050,000.00EUR DGVSBB

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