The Complaints Service deals with the complaints submitted by investors, including any investment fund unitholders and investment company shareholders that have delegated management to a collective investment scheme management company.

Complaints can relate to the functioning of the services provided, as well as to transactions and specific facts that may damage the complaining party’s interests or rights due to breach of contract, of regulations on transparency and customer protection or non-compliance with good financial practices and usage.

Additionally, a Spanish investor can address a complaint to the Complaints Service, as a member of FIN-NET, even if their complaint is addressed to a foreign financial institution. FIN-NET is the European cooperation network whose purpose is to provide users of financial services with access to out-of-court claim procedures in the event of cross-border disputes, through cooperation and the exchange of information between the bodies in charge of processing them in each country. The Complaints Service will help you find the appropriate complaint system and provide you with the necessary information on it and its corresponding complaint procedure.

The decisions and recommendations of extra-judicial bodies are not binding in all countries. In any case, the procedure provided by FIN-NET only represents an alternative to court proceedings.

You can consult the FIN-NET website to make a complaint about a financial service provider in another EEA country or to see the list of members and other information of interest.