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Annual Report on Remuneration of Directors
Issuer nameRegister NumberRegister dateExerciseModification dateModified item(s)Additional information (1)Document
MAPFRE, S.A. 202302134909/02/20232022  IAGC MAPFRE, S.A., register number 2023021349
MEDIASET ESPAÑA COMUNICACION, S.A. 202302737623/02/20232022  IAGC MEDIASET ESPAÑA COMUNICACION, S.A., register number 2023027376
MELIA HOTELS INTERNATIONAL S.A. 202302940727/02/20232022  IAGC MELIA HOTELS INTERNATIONAL S.A., register number 2023029407
MERLIN PROPERTIES, SOCIMI, S.A. 202302948528/02/20232022  IAGC MERLIN PROPERTIES, SOCIMI, S.A., register number 2023029485
METROVACESA, S.A. 202302854627/02/20232022  IAGC METROVACESA, S.A., register number 2023028546
MINERALES Y PRODUCTOS DERIVADOS, S.A. 202304236831/03/20232022  IAGC MINERALES Y PRODUCTOS DERIVADOS, S.A., register number 2023042368
MIQUEL Y COSTAS & MIQUEL, S.A. 202304854519/04/20232022  IAGC MIQUEL Y COSTAS & MIQUEL, S.A., register number 2023048545
MOBILIARIA MONESA, S.A. 202305683329/04/20232022  IAGC MOBILIARIA MONESA, S.A., register number 2023056833
MONTEBALITO, S.A. 202305475927/04/20232022  IAGC MONTEBALITO, S.A., register number 2023054759
NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A. 202302634721/02/20232022  IAGC NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A., register number 2023026347
NATURHOUSE HEALTH, S.A. 202303049428/02/20232022  IAGC NATURHOUSE HEALTH, S.A., register number 2023030494
NEINOR HOMES, S.A. 202302698323/02/20232022  IAGC NEINOR HOMES, S.A., register number 2023026983
NH HOTEL GROUP, S.A. 202302689622/02/20232022  IAGC NH HOTEL GROUP, S.A., register number 2023026896
NICOLAS CORREA, S.A. 202303000928/02/20232022  IAGC NICOLAS CORREA, S.A., register number 2023030009
NUEVA EXPRESIÓN TEXTIL, S.A 202304277431/03/20232022  IAGC NUEVA EXPRESIÓN TEXTIL, S.A, register number 2023042774
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(1) Additional information provided by the issuer at the request of the CNMV