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Annual Report on Remuneration of Directors
Issuer nameRegister NumberRegister dateExerciseModification dateModified item(s)Additional information (1)Document
NH HOTEL GROUP, S.A. 201307692523/05/20132012  IAGC NH HOTEL GROUP, S.A., register number 2013076925
NYESA VALORES CORPORACION, S.A. 201308356607/06/20132012  IAGC NYESA VALORES CORPORACION, S.A., register number 2013083566
PRIM, S.A. 201307714923/05/20132012  IAGC PRIM, S.A., register number 2013077149
QUABIT INMOBILIARIA, S.A. (ABSORBIDA) 201307782524/05/20132012  IAGC QUABIT INMOBILIARIA, S.A. (ABSORBIDA), register number 2013077825
REALIA BUSINESS, S.A. 201307692723/05/20132012  IAGC REALIA BUSINESS, S.A., register number 2013076927
REYAL URBIS, S.A. (EN LIQUIDACIÓN) 201307454317/05/20132012  IAGC REYAL URBIS, S.A. (EN LIQUIDACIÓN), register number 2013074543
SOLARIA ENERGIA Y MEDIOAMBIENTE, S.A. 201307295314/05/20132012  IAGC SOLARIA ENERGIA Y MEDIOAMBIENTE, S.A., register number 2013072953
SOTOGRANDE, S.A. 201307723123/05/20132012  IAGC SOTOGRANDE, S.A., register number 2013077231
SQUIRREL MEDIA, S.A. 201307758824/05/20132012  IAGC SQUIRREL MEDIA, S.A., register number 2013077588
TR HOTEL JARDIN DEL MAR, S.A. 201309256226/06/20132012  IAGC TR HOTEL JARDIN DEL MAR, S.A., register number 2013092562
URBAR INGENIEROS, S.A. 201315131108/11/20132012  IAGC URBAR INGENIEROS, S.A., register number 2013151311
VUELING AIRLINES, S.A. 201307784724/05/20132012  IAGC VUELING AIRLINES, S.A., register number 2013077847
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(1) Additional information provided by the issuer at the request of the CNMV