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  • II Conferencia de la CNMV sobre la adaptación de los índices de tipos de interés a la nueva normativa europea sobre índices de referencia

The CNMV organized this Conference on 29 Octuber 2019 with the aim to facilitate the knowledge and adaptation of financial institutions and other companies that use interest rate benchmarks in their financial and capital market transactions.

The Conference included speeches and panel sessions by various speakers such as the chair of the CNMV, other CNMV's Board members, European Commission and European Central Bank representatives as well as industry associations and Spanish firms participating in the working group on euro risk free rates.

Agenda of the Conference

Concluding remarks

  • Sebastián Albella. Chair of the CNMV

Ongoing reforms and challenges ahead

  • Steven Maijoor. Chair of ESMA

Welcome and opening address

  • Víctor Rodríguez Quejido. Director-General for Policy and International Affairs, CNMV
Interest rate benchmarks in the context of the European Union
  • Tilman Lueder. Head of Securities Markets - Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission

Importance of the interest rate benchmarks and introduction of €STR

  • Mikael Stenström. Senior Adviser Directorate-General for Market Operations, European Central Bank

Objectives of the Working group on euro risk-free rates and situation in other jurisdictions

  • Roundtable:
    • Alp Eroglu. IOSCO
    • Sergi Castellá. Caixabank
    • Adolfo Fraguas. BBVA
    • Alberto López. EMMI
    • Carlos Infesta. Banco Santander
  • Moderator: María José Gómez Yubero, CNMV

Impact on and preparation by financial and non-financial sectors

  • Roundtable:
    • Pablo Lago. Banco de España
    • Rocío Sánchez Barrios. AEB
    • Fernando Conlledo. CECA
    • Mónica Blanco. Grupo BME
    • Asís Velilla. EY
  • Moderator: María José Gómez Yubero. CNMV