Issue and public offering prospectuses
Register dateRegister numberprospectusFact sheetProspectusnominal valueISINAdmission to regulated market
19/11/2009 9562 Prospectus register number: 9562 Prospectus register number: 9562AMPLIACION.ACCIONES ORDINARIAS11,970,000 ES0126501438 Ma Ba
27/10/2005 8244 Prospectus register number: 8244 AMPLIACION.ACCIONES ORDINARIAS8,977,500 ES0126501339 Ma Ba
10/02/2005 7421 Prospectus register number: 7421 AMPLIACION.ACCIONES ORDINARIAS1,282,500 ES0126501230 Ma Ba
13/01/1998 2336.2 AMPLIACION DE LA EMISION1,352,277.23
11/12/1997 2336.1 AMPLIACION DE LA EMISION4,507,590.78
27/11/1997 2336 Prospectus register number: 2336 OPS.ACCIONES ORDINARIAS22,537,953.91 ES0126501131 Ma Ba

El importe incluye tramos nacionales e internacionales