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Annual report on directors' remunerations
Register NumberRegister dateExerciseModification dateModified item(s)Additional information (1)Document
202002581328/02/20202019  IAGC CIE AUTOMOTIVE, S.A., register number 2020025813
202006484916/06/20202019  IAGC CLINICA BAVIERA, S.A., register number 2020064849
202002549528/02/20202019  IAGC CODERE, S.A., register number 2020025495
201912273905/11/20192019  Extension of IAGC COMPAÑIA DE DISTRIBUCION INTEGRAL LOGISTA HOLDINGS, S.A., register number 2019122739IAGC COMPAÑIA DE DISTRIBUCION INTEGRAL LOGISTA HOLDINGS, S.A., register number 2019122739
202003505130/03/20202019  IAGC COMPAÑIA ESPAÑOLA DE VIVIENDAS EN ALQUILER, S.A., register number 2020035051
202004963230/04/20202019  IAGC COMPAÑIA LEVANTINA DE EDIFICACION Y OBRAS PUBLICAS, S.A., register number 2020049632
202002503627/02/2020201908/04/2020We attach the English version of the ARRD of 2019IAGC CONSTRUCCIONES Y AUXILIAR DE FERROCARRILES, S.A, register number 2020025036
202003520830/03/20202019  IAGC CORPORACION FINANCIERA ALBA, S.A., register number 2020035208
202003808113/04/20202019  IAGC DEOLEO, S.A., register number 2020038081
202006799125/06/20202019  IAGC DESARROLLOS ESPECIALES DE SISTEMAS DE ANCLAJES, S.A., register number 2020067991
202003731908/04/20202019  IAGC DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL DE ALIMENTACION, S.A., register number 2020037319
202008114828/07/20202019  IAGC DURO FELGUERA, S.A., register number 2020081148
202003378725/03/20202019  IAGC EBRO FOODS, S.A., register number 2020033787
202006465115/06/20202019  IAGC ECOLUMBER, S.A., register number 2020064651
202007263509/07/20202019  IAGC EDREAMS ODIGEO, S.A., register number 2020072635
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(1) Additional information provided by the issuer at the request of the CNMV